Discover our recipes

Discover our recipes

Le Cordon Bleu

AEG, who shapes living for the better by reinventing Taste, Care and Wellbeing experiences, and Le Cordon Bleu, a Leading Global Network of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institutes, seek out to show the path to great taste and better eating habits, to both professional chefs and food lovers. Sharing excellent cooking techniques and recipes, as well as providing a better understanding of how to get the most out of each ingredient today and onto the next generation of kitchen appliances, together we thrive in creating the best taste experience. 

In this endeavor, AEG and Le Cordon Bleu are working together, combining the culinary creativity and know-how of professional chefs with state-of-the art cooking technology, inviting you to a better cooking experience and more sustainable eating habits. Welcome to Join us!

  • Gazpacho with Steamed Tiger Prawns

    This chilled Spanish-style soup is a perfect dish.

  • Onion Soup Out of the Bag

    A new take on a time-honoured classic, producing a soup with a warmth and depth like no other. 

  • Steamed Spring Rolls

    These healthy rolls have a crowd-pleasing quality that makes them ideal for entertaining.

  • Scallops with Fennel

    An impressive, very quick dinner dish with a superb aromatic flavour.

  • Moules Marinières

    For a dish that looks great and is quick and simple to prepare, you can't do better than this French classic.  

  • Sunday roast

    Make Sundays the most delicious day of the week with this feast for all the family.

  • Vegan burger

    Even die-hand meat-eaters will find this flavourful combination irresistible.

  • The True Flavour Salad

    by Mark Schatzker

  • The Leftover Caesar Salad

    by Culinary Misfits

  • Bouillabaisse

    A classic French seafood soup. Fennel gives it a hint of aniseed, saffron its rich golden colour. 

  • Lime Mousse with Raspberry Coulis

    The sharp coulis cuts through the sweet set lime mousse to make a perfectly balanced dessert that looks great too. 

  • Chocolate Roulade

    A rich, grown-up pudding fit for the most sophisticated dinner party.

  • Pears in Red Wine

    Do include the spices unless you're really not a fan - they add a wonderful warmth and depth to the dish.